How many times have you gotten a quote for something – a remodel, a repair, a process, a service…. and thought it was too high priced?

MANY TIMES! Am I Right?? Be honest..

Same here. We received several ‘outrageous’ quotes to remodel our second bathroom and laundry room.

Of course – I indignantly researched YouTube and decided I could easily and cost effectively coordinate and hire the subcontractors for the plumbing, electric, tile, cabinets, and do everything else myself.

!Doable! I manage big projects all day long!

Fast Forward 5 months later – and we are barely just finishing the project.I did not have the best tools and equipment. I was slow. I was messy. I did not have the experience to anticipate all of the issues that arise along the way.NEVER… DOING… THIS….AGAIN.Next time, I will gladly pay the real EXPERTs.The real question I ask myself is: Why did I not start with the experts when every day we see data versions of DIY disasters.Companies attempting to prepare their own data for a campaign or project with results that end up costing thousands of dollars!Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way.