What does Xcelerated do?

We fix data so that businesses can make better decisions and improve their marketing. In addition to our data quality consulting, we also provide 3rd party marketing lists to help you find more customers.

What type of clients can Xcelerated help?

The best clients that we work with are typically frustrated with their data. They may not even know what issues they have but they see the value in outsourcing data quality monitoring and management services for better results, and they are open to new solutions and to getting help managing disparate processes.

What type of data can you fix?

Very often it’s first-party data (your customer data), but we also handle any custom data projects.

How do I know what is wrong with my data?

No worries. That’s what we do. You may know there are issues with your data but not sure exactly what those are. Our data quality consulting and management experts can analyze and identify the problems and provide a report with solutions.

Free Data Analysis

What is the difference between Data Quality and Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene is a subset of Data Quality, but pursuing it as a goal without considering the consequences of different processes invites problems

In short, data hygiene processes are part of improving your data, but data quality solutions improve decision-making and marketing.

Do you charge to analyze my data and tell me what is wrong?

Our Guarantee:
Our data quality consulting experts will show you the complete data quality report before you pay anything, and if you are not 100% surprised with the results, you are not committed to buying.