Streamlined data quality processing
for DTC subscription companies


Growing Your Business With Data Quality Management

Many DTC (direct to consumer) subscription companies struggle to make sense of the vast amount of data they collect. Manual processes, various data sources, and multiple vendors lead to poor data quality and a higher marketing investment, as companies wind up investing in ineffective and costly marketing strategies. But data quality assurance is a valuable process for driving business progress and new growth opportunities. Xcelerated Data offers simple, cost-effective, and customized data quality management services for DTC subscription companies.

    Benefits of Quality Data

    High-quality data is particularly critical for subscription-based DTC companies. Xcelerated Data understands how best to collect and analyze rich data points using automated and customizable solutions for our clients. Here are some of the benefits you will achieve with our simplified DTC data quality management process:

    • Customer reengagement, retention, and acquisition – Subscriptions add another layer of complexity within the traditional DTC business model. Acquiring and retaining long-lasting customer relationships is challenging for any business, and even more so for subscription-based companies. Proper data quality management helps you reengage customers who have previously canceled subscriptions, retain and expand the revenue value of existing customers. And quality data is a must for new customer acquisition.
    • Optimized pricing and profits – Data is a valuable tool for determining pricing for your products and services. Without quality data to analyze, you don’t know whether your subscriptions are priced correctly. This affects your customers’ lifetime value and your overall revenue. The cost of customer acquisition is another key point identified through access to high-quality data.
    • Enhanced product offerings – It is difficult to predict your customers’ behavior and preferences without first identifying and reviewing the relevant data. High-quality data gives you an abundance of insight into customer likes, dislikes, and surprising trends you may not otherwise recognize. This data is used to enhance your offerings to better meet your customers’ needs.


    Xcelerated Data works closely with DTC and subscription-based companies to resolve data quality issues. We understand how to simplify the process and work with your company to create a custom solution to meet your unique needs. With Xcelerated Data, you will manage your DTC subscription company’s data quality processing with one vendor and one process at one affordable price point. Connect with us today to learn more about our data quality management services for DTC subscription companies. Enhance your data quality to improve client acquisition, retention, and reengagement — all while increasing your ROI!