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Recall Appends

High response rate and low cost of repairs makes recall service campaigns one of the best ways for a dealership to drive traffic to their service center while growing their DMS. Because recall maintenance is reimbursed by the manufacturer, and the service technicians are at peak efficiency having performed the recall repairs many times, the dealer essentially gets paid to meet new customers.


With an effective process for collecting and storing the customer information in the dealers’ database, the dealer can:

Expand their reach into additional model years

Add a significant number of new customers to their DMS

Effectively market to those customers for both sales and service campaigns

Increase parts and service sales each month

Capitalize on upsell opportunities

RECALL features

Capitalize on upsell opportunities

10% – 20% avg response rate

Conquest or dealer customer recalls

Multiple fields output:

  • Recall Number
  • Recall Short Description
  • Recall Risk 
  • Recall Remedy
  • NHTSA Number
  • Recall Type
  • Recall State

Pricing & Plans

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