Email Services

Email Services

Xcelerated's email data services provide you with the most up-to-date email addresses to help you improve data quality and prevent your business from being blacklisted.

Email is quickly becoming a very cost-effective direct marketing and customer retention tool. Xcelerated can enhance your customer database with email append, or clean up your customer data with National Change of Address (NCOA) and Email Change of Address processing (ECOA).

Email Append

All email addresses in the database are unique, permission-based and CAN-SPAM compliant. The matches Xcelerated provides are based on name and address at the individual or household match levels.

We take your file and run it against our data set to look for matches. Pending your approval, we send a broadcast letter to acquire CAN–SPAM compliant records. During the broadcast, we collect all of the opt-out records. After the broadcast, we deliver the results to you in a zip file. If the files need to be updated in your DMS, we then begin the pushback process.

Email Validation

With people continuously changing email addresses, it can be difficult to have the most up-to-date email data. Xcelerated’s Email Validation Service is the premier source for ensuring your email addresses are accurate and deliverable. We have the highest and most accurate match rates available.

Xcelerated’s Email Validation process eliminates invalid addresses and effectively reduces the number of "hard bounces” on transmission. We take your file and remove records with incomplete email addresses or syntax errors, ensure domains exist and ping the IP address (without sending an email). This process helps protect the broadcasting IP from domain level filtration and IP blacklisting. Xcelerated’s Email Validation Service fully complies with Federal standards and regulations.

Reverse Email Append

Xcelerated’s Reverse Email Append allows you to increase the number and quality of customer and prospect email addresses. From a single email address, the Reverse Email Append service can provide first and last name, address, city, state and zip. Reverse Email Append is powered by a database of over 750 million records containing both business and individual email addresses.

Conquest Email Marketing

Don't just target your current clients; increase your customer base by attracting new clients. Xcelerated's easy-to-use tools make it effortless to create targeted lists, design and send campaigns, and track results.

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