About Us

Xcelerated is a premier provider of data hygiene and data enhancement services. We have deep roots in both direct marketing and database management, bringing many years of expertise and knowledge together in one company.

Unlike other companies, we don't just acquire data, we actually compile it. Our data intelligence behind our compiling is our biggest strength. Xcelerated takes pride in being a nationally recognized marketing list and technology leader in providing high quality marketing and information solutions. We enable you to produce effective direct mail campaigns with targeted lists. We are able to deliver quality data products using powerful and flexible technology that allows companies to fit our data into their delivery requirements. We offer complete, one-stop online list services as well as data hygiene solutions, and much more to satisfy all your direct marketing needs.

Our data services

Xcelerated offers a wide variety of data services.

  • CARS and CARS+
  • Kelley Blue Book append
  • Black Book append
  • Phone append (DNC, validation, reverse phone append)
  • NCOA
  • Email append/ Reverse email append
  • Demographic appends
  • VIN validation
  • Conquest Email Marketing

We also offer

  • Creative design for email campaigns
  • PURLs
  • Deployment of email campaigns
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Sales Reports
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Service Reports
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